New Seasonal Flavor

Vegan Mint Mojito Sherbet

We spiked this oat milk based mint sherbet with rum and a healthy dash of fresh lime for the perfect treat to enjoy on a sunny afternoon. This flavor is only available for the 21+ crowd!


The literal meaning of tiramisu is “pick me up”, and that’s exactly what this delicious ice cream will do! Mascarpone and marsala ice cream layered with espresso and kahlua-soaked ladyfingers and sprinkled with dark cocoa. This is perfect for an afternoon treat as well as an elegant dinner party. (Contains caffeine and alcohol).

Vegan Mango Kaffir Lime

We steeped kaffir lime leaves in coconut milk with fresh mango for a tropical delight that’s oh so refreshing!

Raspberry Crème Brûlée

Creamy frozen vanilla custard with housemade brûlée and layers of decadent raspberry sauce make for a flavor that’s anything but ordinary.

Vegan Roasted Wild Berry Sherbet

We roast our berries in sugar with vanilla beans and blend it with oat milk. So simple and so flavorful. It’s great by itself but we like to top it with Ocean Ranch vegan raspberry chocolate granola.

White Chocolate Candy Cane

This is the flavor of winter… creamy white chocolate ice cream with chunks of our house made white chocolate candy cane bark. Cream, nonfat milk, sugar, milk, white chocolate powder, kosher salt, bark: white chocolate, crushed candy cane, soy Food Allergen Summary: egg, milk, soy

Vegan Caramel Apple

Our Vegan Caramel Apple, introduced in October, will be sticking around through the holidays! We slow steep fall apples in their juice and cinnamon, and blend them with our house made non-dairy caramel and an oat milk base. It’s reminiscent of warm apple pie on a cool night, yum!

Maple Candied Pecan

Maple Pecan, another fall favorite, is making a comeback. This is an old-fashioned flavor that never goes out of style. We use organic maple syrup and our house made candied pecans with just a hint of cayenne pepper. Paired with our signature waffle cones, you’ll definitely be in foodie heaven.