• Where does our cream come from?

    We use Straus Family Creamery organic cream, milk and eggs.They’re organic farm is in Petaluma California. Straus treats their dairy cows with respect, which means these cows roam freely in organic grass pastures and are fed no hormones or any junk of any kind. It’s true what they say, happy cows make for even happier ice cream!

  • Do you franchise? Can I open a Rori’s?

    Sorry! We don’t franchise. We own and operate all of our scoop shops. That’s why you have such a great experience because this is what we know and love to do, make ice cream and served it up the way it should be!

  • Where can I buy Rori’s?

    Come visit us at any of scoop shop locations, Montecito, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica and even our factory in Carpinteria. We can ship too!!

  • Do you have gift cards?

    Yes! Please visit one of our scoop shops or give us a call and we’ll mail it to your bestie, your mom, your boy/girl friend, your teacher, your neighbor, you employee, your secret admirer…ok ok you get the idea.

  • Do you have any gluten free flavors?

    Yes! A majority of our flavors are gluten free, we even offer gluten free cookies and cones. **Please note that all our ice cream is processed in a facility and share equipment with wheat.

  • I have severe nut allergies, can I eat at Rori’s?

    All our ice cream is processed in a facility and share equipment with nut products. We do completely wash and sanitize all equipment and surfaces after working with nuts. But, depending on the severity of your allergy we are NOT a nut-free environment.

  • Do you have any vegan flavors?

    Yes! Our Cowboy Cookie Dough and Pineapple Whip are both vegan. We use Organic coconut milk instead of dairy and no eggs. The chocolate chips in the Cowboy Cookie Dough are also dairy free. Our Roman’s Chocolate Coconut is dairy free, but not vegan, we use egg yolk in that one.

  • Who can I contact about a donation request?

    To be considered for a donation, we generally work with 501(c)(3) charitable organization. But contact us at INFO@RORISCREAMERY.COM to inquire if your organization would be considered or please call us at (805) 220-6019

  • Does Rori’s cater weddings, parties, corporate events, picnics in the park?

    Heck yea! Who wouldn’t want made-to-order ice cream sandwiches at their reception~ or nothing says sweet 16 like a Sundae bar from our trick out cart~ who’s going to argue that you’re not the best corporate team leader when 50 What the Fudge-Bars show up at work!! Call our events coordinator at our factory number (805)220-6019 or email us at events@roriscreamery.com