• Where can I buy Rori’s?

    Check out our Locations tab on this website. All our retail shops, hotels, restaurants and grocery stores that carry Rori’s are listed along with addresses and directions.

  • Do you have gift cards?

    Yes! Please visit one of our scoop shops or order an E-gift card right here. Send it to your bestie, your mom, your boy/girlfriend, your teacher, your neighbor, you employee, your secret admirer…ok ok you get the idea.

  • Do you have any gluten free flavors?

    Yes! A majority of our flavors are gluten free; we even offer gluten free cookies and cones. **Please note that all our ice cream is processed in a facility and share equipment with wheat.

  • Do you have vegan flavors?

    Yes! We make Passion Fruit and Tropical Wild Berry vegan flavors and we add seasonal vegan flavors throughout the year. At Rori’s we use organic coconut milk instead of dairy. Wait until you try one, they’re so rich and creamy most people swear there must be cream because of the smooth texture. We also offer a non-dairy flavor, Roman’s Chocolate Coconut. It is also made with organic coconut milk but does have egg yolk.

  • Do you use organic ingredients?

    We are committed to using organic ingredients whenever possible. We use organic fruit when it comes into season, our pistachios and other nuts come from local California farms that does not spray or use any pesticides. The milk & cream we use comes from Jersey and Holstein cows raised by local dairies on the California Central Coast. Our cows are grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free. We want you to fall in love with the passion we put in every pint! In other words, quality comes first at Rori’s and you can taste it.

  • I have nut allergies, can I eat at Rori’s?

    All our ice cream is processed in a facility and share equipment with nut products. We do completely wash and sanitize all equipment and surfaces after working with nuts. But, depending on the severity of your allergy we are NOT a nut-free environment.

  • Does Rori’s cater weddings, parties, corporate events, picnics, etc?

    Heck yea! Who wouldn’t want made-to-order ice cream sandwiches at their reception~ or nothing says sweet 16 like a Sundae bar from our trick out cart? Who’s going to argue that you’re not the best corporate team leader when 50 root beer floats show up at work!! Call our events director at our factory number (805)220-6019 or email us at events@roriscreamery.com.

  • I’m having a party with 12 guests, how much ice cream should I buy?

    If ice cream is the only dessert, then we recommend 3 servings per pint. If you are serving Rori’s ala mode, we recommend 4 servings per pint.

  • What’s your recommendation for an ala mode ice cream flavor? I always use vanilla and want a change.

    We get this question more than any other. We recommend our Biscoff ice cream hands down! Biscoff is a subtle cinnamon shortbread cookie that we make and then steep in the milk and cream overnight. It’s perfect for tarts, pies and accompanies cake perfectly. For a bolder experience we recommend our Salted Caramel.

  • What happened to my favorite flavor?

    We change up our flavors all year long. Sometimes it’s a seasonal reason and we just can’t get that fruit that time of year, or other seem more winter flavors or holiday flavors such as White Chocolate Candy Cane Bark, or Maple Pecan. But we usually always bring them back into our rotation. Feel free to let us know which one you’re missing the most and we’ll do our best to return your favorite.