Opened Faced Ice Cream Cake

Our made-to-order ice cream cakes have a layer of moist chocolate or vanilla cake on the bottom topped with layers of Rori’s ice cream of your choice and dark chocolate curls to seal the deal!!!

Whipped Cream Frosted Ice Cream Cake

Just like our Opened Faced Ice Cream Cake except the entire cake frosted with freshly made whipped cream in the color of your choice!!!

Butterfly Ice Cream Cake

Vanilla or chocolate cake with layered with two Rori’s ice cream flavors of your choice topped with fresh whipped cream and candied butterflies.

Churros Ice Cream Cake

What’s that??  It’s our moist vanilla cake and authentic horchata ice cream, made with Mexican cinnamon sticks and piloncillo (Mexican brown sugar)  topped with house made dulce de leche. All this yumminess is then incased with freshly made churros.  What’s not to love…

Melted Ice Cream…  Cake

Vanilla or chocolate cake topped with your choice of flavors, frosted with whipped cream and chocolate ganache and a whipped cream filled cone.

Chilly Dog

Dogs should have their cake and eat it too…right? Our Chilly Cake is the perfect solution for all your doggy entertaining! A 6” cake made of all Chilly Dog ice cream surrounded by organic dog bones!

Igloo Cake

Our winter wonderland cake is up to 3 ice cream flavors of your choice incased within a domed layer of chocolate or vanilla cake. All this frosted with whip cream and dancing marzipan penguins. Seasonal, sold from November through February.

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